Founded in Barcelona in 1992, the association includes assistants, research fellows, PhD students and language researchers who have not finished their PhDs yet. According to its statutes, the association proposes the following objectives: 

1. To advance the study of linguistics in all its aspects and to promote communication between young researchers of this discipline within the Spanish state. 

 2. To provide recognition of linguistics as an autonomous discipline. 

 3. To encourage the dissemination of ongoing research by scientific meetings, publications and other initiatives. 

 4. To encourage cultural exchange promoting linguistic studies of the different languages ​​of the Peninsula.

In 2012, as in previous years since its inception, the Association of Young Linguists organizes a gathering of young students of language. In it, PhD students, fellows or other doctoral researchers will have the opportunity to present their projects and the results of their research. If you are interested in more information about the association, we also invite you to visit our facebook.

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